House Tour: The girl room

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Here's Molly to show you around her room! The girls' room is upstairs, and since there's not really a single hallway in the house, the door is off of a landing type area off the staircase. Come in!
 Molly's crib is hanging out on the side of the room, and it will go away once she and Cora are both through with it. I just couldn't NOT put up all 3 twin beds, so there's that. Molly will move into her twin size bed when she's good and ready (the longer the better, please!) and then Cora will take her place in the crib. It's entirely possible that we may need to set up a second crib in here for a time, and I am totally fine with that if it means preserving my sanity a little longer! 
 The headboards were a super find at DownEast Home on clearance one day, and they came without slipcovers. They were originally from Pottery Barn, and you can buy them here. I was totally shocked that they had not two but THREE of these beauties so in typical Bri fashion I refused to leave their sides until they were bought and paid for and safely mine. The pink dresser came from KSL- it was under our TV in our old house, and it's right at home here. I've got plans for a cute little gallery wall made with mini things for above the dresser. 
 I made the slipcovers myself from fabric that I sourced from an ottoman at Target and an upholstered settee at Four Chairs in two different colorways. When you happen on that kind of find in multiple places and you keep liking it, chances are good that you're honing in on something you really like.
 One of the things on the to-do-very-soon list in this room is to hang the curtains. I have a set of white curtains, and I'd like to put on some fun large pom trim on the edges, probably because there's just not enough polka dot going on in here. :) The closet situation in this room is really really lovely- one closet for each girl! Molly on the left, Cora in the middle, and Abby on the end, just like the bed situation. Abby decided that they should be that way so that everyone can be close to new baby Cora. Sweetest. 
 This little wall is just begging for something fantastic. I think an area to display some of the crazy large amounts of art that come home from school might be just the ticket, or maybe a long mirror for extra primping space. 
 The polka dot sheets were a TJ Maxx find, and the pillows are down inserts from Ikea. I sewed the pillow covers myself. 
 I'm a stickler about keeping the toys in the basement, but these two teddys get to hang out on the bed. Other than that I'm pretty mean. 

 Abby's made herself at home here and I'm sure that Molly will quickly follow suite. 
Keeping things pared down in the kids' rooms has really made it easy to keep things neat and tidy. Really all they have to do is make their beds, clean up any laundry laying around and vacuum every once in a while. Happy kids, happy mom! 

House Tour: Piano Room

Monday, August 17, 2015

When you first enter our house, this is the room on your right. It's looking sad at the moment, but I thought I'd show you how it looks now and hopefully sometime in the next bit it will be semi-improved. Let me show you around! 
The blue couch was an overstock outlet find, and it was on extra sale the day we picked it up. It has a small small tear on the far left side, but you would have to be really looking for it to find it. Best part? It was $1200 regular price, and I picked it up for a cool $400. Sold! 
The two gold frames above the couch are in a holding pattern with some sad sad wrapping paper covering up old prints from the twin's nursery, but I'm actively looking for some new art for them. Buy? Make? Something else? I'll keep you updated. 
These navy chairs were an amazing Target shopping day find. They were originally $125 but were marked with a "repackage" sticker for $41 dollars a piece. I have basically no shame when it comes to basically free prices like these, so I asked a lady shopping near by who was off to fetch a cart to put an ottoman in to grab me one as well. You better believe I wasn't letting these guys out of my sight. I've got a curtain rod to hang here, just as soon as I select the curtains that I want for this space, which will really help fill in this empty looking wall. 
Well, this is turning in to a clearance finds only post, but that is sort of the best. This little side table was at Hobby Lobby, originally $140, but I walked away with it for $14 dollars. FOURTEEN DOLLARS! It's on the short list for a paint job (maybe gold? maybe not?) and then I'll need to shop for some accessories to style it. And pillows!

 This frame is slated to be changed out, but it depends where I head with the other two gold frames. Maybe I should just start calling this the gold room? Probably yes. Also, yes, there are outlets in the floor. This room was meant to be an office when we were building the house, but then we switched things around a bit and so here we are. I'll be picking out a rug :)
 Also on the list for this room is a solution for music storage. The brown cardboard box we're sporting is inexpensive, but isn't the classiest thing ever. 
 Here's the view looking back towards the front door (straight through the wall). I'd like to put something really fantastic and probably sassy on this wall that you don't see unless you're all the way in the room.
 And there we have it! Another blank wall, beyond the blank walls, because that's what phase of this house we are in right now. Actively moving toward more design all through the house, but loving the blank slate that it is in some places for now. 

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