The post where Lexi gets upgraded from 3 plastic plates.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

You may know a few of my favorite ladies, Meg and Lex, the beauty geniuses behind my eyebrows and their vloggy blog Meg & Lex, co. A few weeks ago we spoke about getting together to style Lex's open shelving and last week we got together and made it happen! I'm all kinds of excited to show you how it turned out. One of my favorite things about designing for clients is honing in on someone else's style and delivering it to them, and this one turned out to be exactly Lex in a shelf form, if there is such a thing. 

We captured the whole process, and Meg and Lex did their Hollywood magic so that you can watch it all unfold HERE! I'll wait here while you go check it out :) 

Good thing Lex needed some cutting boards! I love how much warmth the wood brings to the whole collection. 
 Can I tell you a secret about the smaller of these two fabulous mercury glass vases? It has a terribly unfortunate seashell on the "front" of it, but it was on clearance for $5 so we just turned it around to the back and voila! Fabulous. 
 This little unicorn I believe is meant to be a ring holder for jewelry, but it's the perfect amount of quirky to add here on the plates, which otherwise can look a little too stuffy and boring on their own. 
 I am so glad we were able to use this fabulous cake stand. Confession: I go to Home Goods probably an unhealthy amount. I found this guy on a previous trip and when it was still there when we went shopping for Lex's project, I was pretty thrilled. The color of the wood is so pretty! 
 DI books for the win! Cheapest way to get books... just have to do a little digging.
 This basket was another great deal of the day... only $8 and it has such a great patina. 
 These succulents are 100% fake, which is great because on the far side of the shelf it would be annoying to have to pull down to water all of the time. I'm loving the rope detail on the planter as well.
 I'm crazy about these bowls. The texture on them is so pretty and it's just enough. Not in your face, but still holds its own. We found these dish towels in this grey stripe and also navy stripe, which was tempting. In the end I'm so happy with the grey because it looks amazing with the paint color that we selected earlier this year (Sherwin Williams Worldly Grey).
 Love love love the balance of wood and ceramic and metallic, while keeping everything so cohesive. 
 Originally we were planning on placing some Pellegrino bottles here, but it seems they have switched to plastic bottles (at least at the shops where we were- we later found the glass bottles at Costco!) but I'm actually a lot happier with these bottles for Lex's space. The labels have both gold and silver, and it does such a great job of marrying the gold from the shelves with the mercury glass. 
Mercury glass vases- Home Goods
Books- DI
Gold Sea Urchin- Hobby Lobby
Wooden Cake Stand- Home Goods
Wire Basket and Linens- Home Goods
Mugs- Home Goods
Picture Frame- Home Goods
Ceramic and Rope Planter- Target
Succulents- Hobby Lobby
Ceramic Bowls- Target
Plates- Tai Pan
Unicorn- Home Goods
Tonic Water- World Market
Wood Cutting Boards- Home Goods

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