Tile Update!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Here was our sad sad drywall hanging out pre-tile. I'm so happy to tell you that that view is looking different now!
We went with a tile called Arctic Ice, a glass 1x2" subway tile from our local tile shop. It brings a nice subtle color in to the living room and it's totally better than those uneven paint lines that the painters left when they sprayed the mantle and masked off the fireplace box.

 The color is pretty, but the shine and texture is better. It's understated and pretty and I'm so jazzed about it! 
 I measured out 10 square feet of area that needed tile, and we ordered 12 square feet total. The industry standard for overages is 10%, but since this is our first tile job we decided to pad that number a little bit. In the end we really did end up using just 11 square feet- right in line with the 10% overage. We still need to tile the floor beneath and caulk the edges where the tile meets the mantle, but so far it's looking a million times better than before. 
A pulled back before and after you ask? You betcha. 

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