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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A few weeks back, a friend of mine came over to see our new place, and she asked me "where is all of your stuff??" and I was like, "ummm... right here?" and then I realized that my efforts to declutter and streamline ARE WORKING! It's so freeing. At the same time, I'm working on layering in more decoration and design and accessories in my home, which is where you can really go wrong. Here's the secret friends. Don't buy ugly things. Seek out the things that you want to be looking at on the regular, because you ARE going to be seeing things on the regular. Notebooks, backpacks, your kid's shoes... all of it. I get it, houses get messy. I mean, I really get it. So, let's all do ourselves a favor and stop settling for ugly things. And, lest you think I'm advocating that you go bust your budget for silly things that you can't even take to heaven, I'm totally not. And so, a tale of soap dispensers. 
 These dispensers, actually. I had been on the hunt for soap dispensers for a few months, ever since we moved in really. Most that I found were in the $10-$15 range, which is fine. I didn't find anything that I HAD TO HAVE, so I just didn't buy anything. Then, one magical day in HomeGoods (where all magical days begin, really) my girl Meg found these beauties on a shelf for five dollars. FIVE DOLLARS! So, the lesson. Beautiful things always, be picky, be thrifty, be diligent in shopping always. 
 I mean, if you're going to have a candle, buy a pretty one. Right? By the way, this one smells AMAZING. It's Target's knock off of Anthro's Volcano, if you aren't already aware of it. The packaging has changed since I purchased this one, but you best believe I'll be buying an update when this one is all out of wax. 
 This is my centerpiece on my table currently, and this is a notebook is one that I picked up the other day. I don't hate it when I leave it out around the house, because pretty! 
 One last one just to really drive this silly point home... I LOVE this planner that I picked up at Christmastime last year. It's minty and gold and it's going to match my fireplace tile so well- ha! Seriously though, it's consistent with the styling through the rest of the house so it feels intentional and not messy. 
 Maybe I should start my search for a new one for 2016 now? Probably yes. Happy shopping friends. 

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